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Benisu Island Symbol

Benisu Island symbol.

The Benisu Island (紅州島, Benisu-tō, Literally meaning: Crimson Sandbank Island) is an island located somewhere in the south of the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning. It has its own shinobi, but it is unknown if it's also a village, or if it's just a land with its own shinobi. So far, the only known shinobi from Benisu Island are the three members of Team Bandō. Their supposed leader, Bandō, refers to Benisu Island as a nation. A sign on Nanakusa Island refers to the shinobi and/or people of Benisu simply as "The Benisu".


  • The 商 (Shō) kanji on the Benisu shinobi's forehead protectors means trader, merchant or something similar to that effect.

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