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This is the article on the summoned killer bees. If you are looking for the article on the character, head to Killer B.


Bees (, Hachi) are bred and utilised exclusively by the Kamizuru clan as the focal point of their unique techniques. Unlike the kikaichū, the insects used by the Kamizuru's rival, the Aburame clan, the bees are summoned into battle. They are also capable of growing to large sizes, as seen with the Giant Bee. Their larva form have, like the Aburame's beetles, the ability to eat chakra.

The bees' usefulness centres around offensive capabilities of their stings, with attacks like the Thousand Bee Stings Technique. They are used frivolously in tactics where the bees' lives are sacrificed without concern for their survival; techniques like Jibachi's Bee Bomb Technique shows the bees being sent to attack with explosive tags attached to them.


  • Despite their name, looking at them closely reveals that they are not bees, but rather Vespa mandarinia, the Asian giant hornet.
    • As proof of this not only their appearance is similar but also when Shino held one of them on his hand, one can see it is far larger than a normal bee.
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