edit"Battle at Sea: The Power Unleashed!"
Battle at Sea The Power Unleashed!
(海戦 解き放たれた力, Kaisen Tokihanatareta Pawā)
Episode data
Previous "Despair: A Fractured Heart"
Episode Naruto #173
Next "Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Style Jutsu!"
Arc Kaima Capture Mission
Opening "Wind and Waves Satellite"
Ending "Parade"
Japanese February 22, 2006
English June 7, 2008
"Battle at Sea: The Power Unleashed!" (海戦 解き放たれた力, Kaisen Tokihanatareta Pawā) is episode 173 of the original Naruto anime.


The Nine-Tails within Naruto helps beat Amachi. Although Amachi is quickly defeated and captured, the Umibōzu threatens to attack Naruto. Naruto summons Gamabunta and defeats it by evaporating its nucleus. Later on, Gamabunta throws Naruto to the air as a punishment for summoning him in seawater. Isaribi realises what Naruto said was right and that he did understand her because Naruto was also treated as a monster and with his help, Isaribi was happy. Afterwards, Isaribi decided to go to Konoha in the hopes that Tsunade can cure her.