Baton Road (バトンロード, Baton Rōdo), performed by KANA-BOON, is the first opening of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. The opening ran from episode 1 till episode 26. It was replaced by OVER in episode 27.



Mirai wo ima ni oinuite, ashiato de egaita chijou e
Sono me ni, yadose hikari to hi

Kasaneta yume no kage, mayoigao utsuru mado
Uzoumuzō tobira no mukou no gunjou
Tsukameba yume no kage, kotae wa kaze no naka
Kitto mada mienai mono

Kawaita ashiato mo, tadoreba osanaki hi
Mabataki mo wasurete

Mirai wo kimi to oinuite, mitai no sa kono me de shinshou wo
Baton rōdo, furikaeru to, kimi dake no chijou e
Ima wa namida no tare datte, sakasereba idai na denshouka
Sono me ni, yadose hikari to hi

Yadose kimi no mirai
Yadose itsumademo


未来をいまに追い抜いて 足跡で描いた地上絵
その目に宿せ 光と火

重ねた夢の影 迷い顔 映る窓
有象無象 扉の向こうの群青
掴めば夢の影 答えは風の中

渇いた足跡も 辿れば幼き日

未来を君と追い抜いて 見たいのさ この目で新章を
バトンロード 振り返ると 君だけの地上絵
いまは涙の種だって 咲かせれば偉大な伝承花
その目に宿せ 光と火 

宿せ 君の未来
宿せ いつまでも


A drawing forms on the ground, carved by our footsteps as they overtake the future
Keep the light and fire in your eyes

Repeated shadows of dreams; windows reflect doubting expressions
A crowd; ultramarine on the other side of the door
To understand the shadow of a dream, the answer lies in the wind
It's surely something that cannot yet be seen.

Our footprints will thirst again if we follow the path of our childhood days
Forget even blinking!

If you overtake the future, I want to see the new chapter with these eyes
When I look back at Baton Road, the drawing on the ground was of you
These are the kind of tears that may bloom into magnificent flowers to hand down
Keep the light and fire in your eyes
Keep your future
Keep them forever


The characters in order of appearance:


  • This is the fourth song by KANA-BOON in the Naruto media. The previous songs were "Silhouette", "Diver", and "Spiral" respectively.
  • This opening was slightly updated at some point to include improved animation. The most notable difference is Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki leaning forward while running after the shot of the adult characters.[citation needed]