Banshō Ten'in (chapter)

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This is the article on chapter 435. If you are looking for the article on the technique, head to Banshō Ten'in.
"Banshō Ten'in "
Chapter 435
(万象天引, Banshō Ten'in)
Chapter Info
Volume The Seal Destroyed!! (#47)
Previous "Naruto vs. Deva Path!!"
Chapter Naruto #435
Next "Peace"
Arc Invasion of Pain Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #165
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
"Banshō Ten'in " (万象天引, Banshō Ten'in) is chapter 435 of the original Naruto manga.


While the Preta Path is absorbing Naruto's chakra, it also absorbs the natural energy he was storing. Unable to control it, the Preta Path turns into a stone toad that Naruto is able to break free from. Fukasaku and Shima, meanwhile, have been preparing the genjutsu that helped Jiraiya defeat three of the Six Paths of Pain. Not wanting to be defeated by the same technique again, the Deva Path kills Fukasaku. It then pins and captures Naruto.

Facts about "Banshō Ten'in (chapter)"RDF feed
ArcInvasion of Pain Arc +
Chapter number435 +
English nameBanshō Ten'in +
Kanji name万象天引 +
MangaNaruto +
NamesBanshō Ten'in + and 万象天引 +
PictureChapter 435 +
Romaji nameBanshō Ten'in +
Volume number47 +

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