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===Opening Sypnosis===
[[Sakura]], [[Ino]] and [[Hinata]] are shown before [[Guy]] performs the Bacchikoi dance and [[Lee]] appears. Silhouettes of the girls are shown dancing. The three then start dancing for real while some of the [[Konoha 11]] are in a green background. The background goes blue as [[Sai]], [[Yamato]] and [[Kakashi]] are shown somewhere else tensely watching [[Sasuke]] and [[Naruto]] about to face off. Guy and Lee appear out of nowhere and start to pressure Naruto until he begins the Bacchikoi dance. They stare at the sunset and [[Nice Guy Pose]] while crying happily. The girls stare at the stars in the night sky and pose happily. They then join together and do the dance. They then join before five silhouettes of a husky man do the dance. The girls do sexy poses and jump into the air as Naruto, Lee and Guy appear in front of them and shout "BACCHIKOI".
== Characters ==
== Characters ==

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Bacchikoi!!! (Literally meaning "Bring it on!!!"), Dev Parade, was the eighth ending of Naruto: Shippūden. The ending replaced Long Kiss Goodbye and showed in the show from episode 91 to 102 before it was replaced by Deep Breath on episode 103.



Bacchikoi!!! Bacchikoi!!! Beibee!!!

Oo mai ga! Oo mai ga!
Kinou no shippai de kujiketatte
Gottsuan desu! Gottsuan desu!
Onyuu no fuku ni saasu ga harete wao

Donmai donmai shizunda mama ja namida no MY EYES
Donna ni hangurii de angurii demo donbari kutte

Ore itsumademo nakama daro burazaa!!
Tatoe gyakubuu, kyoubuu, arashi ga fuitemo bacchikoi kamon!
Hanaretetemo onaji sora no shita de

Saa waratte funbatte LET'S DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

Bacchikoi!!! Bacchikoi!!! Beibee!!!

Tatoe asa ga konaku tatte iei iei

Bacchikoi!!! Bacchikoi!!! Beibee!!!

Kimi to tomo ni yume wo miru ze ei iei




The characters in order of appearance:

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