At the Ichiraku…

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Konoha Side Story: At the Ichiraku… (『木ノ葉外伝:一楽にて…。』, Konoha Gaiden: Ichiraku nite…) is a manga-omake included with the first Naruto databook.


Naruto approaches Sakura and Sasuke about finding out what Kakashi looks like beneath his mask. Sakura is immediately interested, but Sasuke is not willing to help until Naruto hypothesizes about what facial features Kakashi may be trying to hide. The three take Kakashi out for a meal at Ramen Ichiraku, hoping to see his face when he removes his mask to eat. Right when they are about to see it, Ino interrupts them to greet Sasuke. When they look back, Kakashi has already finished. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are disappointed, but Ayame and Teuchi, having seen what Kakashi looks like, are lovestruck.


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