Armour of Sand

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Armour of Sand [1]
Sand of Armour
Kanji 砂の鎧
Rōmaji Suna no Yoroi
English anime Sand Armour
Manga Volume #10, Chapter #83
Anime Naruto Episode #48
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Defensive
Range Short-range

Using this technique, Gaara can cover himself in a compacted layer of sand, providing an additional defence should his Shield of Sand fail; combined, these two are known as Gaara's "Absolute Defence" (絶対防御, Zettai Bōgyo). Though quite effective, maintaining the armour requires a large amount of chakra and stamina. Furthermore, it is nowhere as resilient as the Shield of Sand, since it easily breaks away upon impact, indicating that the sole purpose of the armour is to absorb impact channelled unto Gaara's body during battle. Another weakness is the additional weight of the sand which leads to decreased levels of speed and mobility.

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