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This is the article on manga chapter 140. For chapter 255, head to Approaching…!!.
(接近…!!, Sekkin…!!, Viz: Contact…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #16 (#16)
Previous "That Person's Name is…!!"
Chapter Naruto #140
Next "Itachi Uchiha!!"
Arc Search for Tsunade
Anime Naruto #81
"Approaching…!!" (接近…!!, Sekkin…!!, Viz: Contact…!!) is chapter 140 of the original Naruto manga.


Kabuto examines Orochimaru, concluding that there is nothing he can do to remove the Third Hokage's seal. He at least finds a positive in Sasuke's progress, though regrets that Orochimaru has had to go through so much for Sasuke since he could not defeat Itachi. Meanwhile, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado approach Jiraiya and tell him that, after Sunagakure found the Fourth Kazekage's body, they surrendered to Konoha, their entire involvement in the Konoha Crush having been Orochimaru's doing. With the village's situation and the Third's death, they ask Jiraiya to become the next Hokage. He declines, offering to find Tsunade for the position instead, but requests that Naruto be allowed to come with him. Meanwhile, Kakashi tails two suspicious individuals. Because he has business with Sasuke, he has Kurenai and Asuma follow the two.

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