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{{translation|'''Animal Path'''|畜生道|Chikushōdō}} may refer to:
{{translation|'''Animal Path'''|畜生道|Chikushōdō}} may refer to:
* '''[[Animal Path]]''': a technique used by [[Nagato]], one of [[Six Paths of Pain]].
* '''[[Animal Path]]''', a technique used by those who possess the Rinnegan.
* '''[[First Animal Path (character)]]''': a ninja from [[Fūma clan]], whose body was used by Nagato as his Animal Path.
* '''[[First Animal Path (character)|First Animal Path]]''', the body captured by Jiraiya.
* '''[[Second Animal Path (character)]]''': a young woman, whose body was used by Nagato as his Animal Path when the first one had been destroyed by [[Jiraiya]].
* '''[[Ajisai]]''', the replacement for the first Animal Path.

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Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō) may refer to:

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