An Immortal Army!!

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"An Immortal Army!!"
(不死身軍団!!, Fushimi Gundan!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Naruto vs. Itachi!! (#58)
Previous "Two Suns!!"
Chapter 545
Next "Confrontation of the Old and New Kage!!"
Arc Shinobi World War Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #296
Mini-RasenshurikenSpiralling Absorption SphereSpiralling Strife Spheres
"An Immortal Army!!" (不死身軍団!!, Fushimi Gundan!!) is chapter 545 of the original Naruto manga.


Tobi recalls Kisame's report and says that Naruto's ability to sense negative emotions is the same as Mito Uzumaki. He then moves out with the new Six Paths of Pain. At the Logistical Support and Medical Division camp, Shizune and Sakura complete an autopsy on one of the White Zetsu clone. They learn that Zetsu was created from the cells of the First Hokage, and that they all use Wood Release. Shikaku informs Naruto and B of the enemies strategy. Naruto and B are confronted by several White Zetsu disguised as alliance shinobi. Naruto immediately sees through it and kills them. After he's finished he forms multiple shadow clones, which simultaneously head to all the battlefields.

Facts about "An Immortal Army!!"RDF feed
ArcShinobi World War Arc +
Chapter number545 +
English nameAn Immortal Army!! +
Kanji name不死身軍団!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesAn Immortal Army!! +, 不死身軍団!! + and Fushimi Gundan!! +
Romaji nameFushimi Gundan!! +
Volume number58 +

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