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飴雪 Ameyuki
Novel Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
Appears in Novel
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Kekkei Genkai
Nature Type

Ameyuki (飴雪, Ameyuki) was a valuable bounty living in Shangri-la. While living there, he went by the name of his friend, Hohozuki.


Like many who possessed a kekkei genkai, Ameyuki was hated by most of the people in the village he was born in. The exception was Hohozuki, his only friend. When slavers attacked their village and kidnapped the women and children - Hohozuki included - Ameyuki went after them and killed the slavers with his Mud Release, saving Hohozuki and the others. Rather than thank Ameyuki for stopping the slavers, the villagers became fearful of his power and tried to kill him. Hohozuki made plans for them to escape to Shangri-la, but the villagers found out about this before they could leave and killed Hohozuki. Ameyuki became enraged and killed the villagers, earning him a high bounty and a listing in the Bingo Book.

Ameyuki felt guilty for his role in Hohozuki's death, but decided to live on at Hohozuki's request. He went to Shangri-la and used the Transformation technique to assume Hohozuki's identity. Yet he used his kekkei genkai to make a copy of himself (which he called Ameyuki) to follow him around and do as he instructed; Kakuzu suspected he did this because he wanted to be found and killed.


Ameyuki had brown skin, silver hair, and a sleek physique. His appearance was very androgynous, but Kakuzu believed he was a boy.


Ameyuki possessed the Mud Release kekkei genkai, a combination of water and earth. With it, he could convert any earthen substance into mud.