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Amagiri Clan
(天霧一族, Amagiri Ichizoku)
Appears in Game only
Known Members

The Amagiri clan (天霧一族, Amagiri Ichizoku) is one of the three clans that hail from Yumegakure that appears in Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive. They were the founders of the village.


The Amagiri clan founded and led Yumegakure at some point of the past. Later on, the Tenro clan came, using the Three-Heads' sealing technique as a shield and slowly took over the village. When a Tenro became village chief, the Amagiri clan's history of oppression began. All the blame for the poverty of the village and the wars that brought even more sacrifices went to the Amagiri and they were exiled from the village. The path they walked after that was truly one of thorns, as Gensui describes it. Because of this, Gensui sought vengeance on the Tenro, planning to use the Three-Heads to get revenge.


A defining trait of the Amagiri clan is that all its members wear samurai-like attire, usually having pinkish-red and purple colours on them and sometimes some gold. All of them have pinkish-red markings on their faces that differ from person to person, but all have a marking on their lower foreheads, usually a triangle pointing downward.


Many members of this clan use the Poison Mist in battle and also poisonous insects that are roughly the size of large rats. Besides having poisonous stingers, these insects can instantly emit a poison cloud when defeated. Some members have also been shown using a yellow mist that paralyses the target and some carry scrolls that can dispel poison and/or paralysis. Chūnin-level shinobi from the clan have been shown using kama as well as a cable with a piece of iron in the tip which they can enhance with fire-natured chakra.

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