All-Out War…!!

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"All-Out War…!!"
(全面戦争!!, Zenmen Sensō!!, Viz: No Holds Barred!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #7 (#7)
Previous "Sakura and Ino"
Chapter Naruto #55
Next "The Power Granted…!!"
Arc Chūnin Exams (Arc)
Anime Naruto #33
"All-Out War…!!" (全面戦争!!, Zenmen Sensō!!, Viz: No Holds Barred!!) is chapter 55 of the original Naruto manga.


Sasuke is still unconscious and sees himself young, wishing he had been stronger when his clan was massacred. Chōji doesn't want to fight Team Dosu, but changes his mind when he's called fat. Ino tells Sakura to keep a watch on Naruto and Sasuke. Chōji charges at Zaku, who fails to damage him. Dosu tries to intervene but is immobilised by Shikamaru. Ino takes over Kin and threatens to kill her unless her teammates surrender their scroll and leave. Zaku attacks Ino in Kin's body, injuring her. He announces that they're not there to take the exam. Shikamaru's technique ends just as Neji and Tenten arrive. Neji says Dosu will pay for knocking out their teammate, but then notes he won't have to. Sasuke awakes, with the cursed seal on his body and asks Sakura who hurt her. Zaku says he did.

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