The Akatsuki Makes Its Move

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The Akatsuki Makes Its Move
Sasori, Deidara
(暁、始動, Akatsuki, Shidō)
Episode data
Previous Homecoming
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #2 (Watch Online)
Next The Results of Training
Arc Kazekage Rescue Mission
Manga Chapter #245, Chapter #246, Chapter #247
Japanese February 15, 2007
English October 28, 2009
DeidaraHiruko SajōSasoriTsubusaYūra
Iwagakure KinjutsuMemory-Concealing Manipulative Sand Technique
Eye ScopeHiruko

The Akatsuki Makes its Move (暁、始動, Akatsuki, Shidō) is episode 2 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Upon arrival, Jiraiya begins telling Kakashi that Akatsuki began to make their move which includes capturing the tailed beasts. As they agreed on, Jiraiya would return Naruto's training to Kakashi after the long period of time Jiraiya and Naruto spent together. Tsunade decides to test if Naruto and Sakura are worthy enough to recreate Team 7 and hunt Akatsuki. They would be doing the same test they did the first time they had become ninja, to take the bell from Kakashi. Akatsuki already planned their first step towards the ultimate dream. In Sunagakure, two Akatsuki members Sasori and Deidara arrives. Their secret agent Yūra already cleared the guards to give them access.


  • This episode and episode 1 were originally aired together as an hour-long premier special.
  • The first appearance of Kakashi after the time skip is different to that of the manga.

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