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|image name=Akagi gang.PNG
|image name=Akagi gang.PNG
|english=Akagi Family
|english=Akagi Gang
|unnamed team=No
|unnamed team=No

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Akagi Gang
Akagi gang
Akagi Gang (赤城一味, Akagi Ichimi)
Anime Naruto Episode #97
Appears in Anime
Team Info

The Akagi Gang (赤城一味, Akagi Ichimi) is a group of people from the Land of Tea.

Part I

Search for Tsunade Arc

Two members of the gang, Senta and Bunzō, were sent on a mission to get Tsunade to pay her debt to the Akagi family. In the end, they found out that the debt was already paid.

Facts about "Akagi Gang"RDF feed
Appears inAnime +
Debut anime97 +
English nameAkagi Gang +
Kanji name赤城一味 +
LoyaltyLand of Tea +
NamesAkagi Gang +, 赤城一味 +, Akagi Ichimi + and Akagi_Gang +
PictureAkagi gang +
Romaji nameAkagi Ichimi +

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