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m (Omnibender moved page Akagi Family to Akagi Gang: the ichimi isn't the same as ichizoku. ShounenSuki has moved this to this title in the past. The gang/family here is more like mob instead of actual family)
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|image name=Akagi gang.PNG
|image name=Akagi gang.PNG
|english=Akagi Family
|english=Akagi Gang
|unnamed team=No
|unnamed team=No

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Akagi Gang

Akagi gang

Akagi Gang (赤城一味, Akagi Ichimi)

Anime Naruto Episode #97
Appears in Anime only
Team Info

The Akagi Gang (赤城一味, Akagi Ichimi) is a group of people from the Land of Tea.

Part I

Search for Tsunade Arc

Two members of the gang, Senta and Bunzō, were sent on a mission to get Tsunade to pay her debt to the Akagi family. In the end, they found out that the debt was already paid.

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