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  • Akagahara.
  • The statue at Akagahara's centre.

The Akagahara is a place where the Chūnin Exams were held in the past. In the old days, genin always dreamt of becoming the best ninja and went there. Only those who returned safely were accepted as chūnin. As time passed, it turned into a legend which said that "your wish would come true if you returned safely". There are a lot of traps to prevent anyone from entering. In the centre of the area there is a statue surrounded with crimson clovers. When the statue is removed from its place, marionette ninja squad was activated and they can be stopped only when the statue is returned to its original place.

Trivia Edit

  • Akagahara shares similar name with Ahaggar, volcanic mountain in central Sahara.
  • It was only featured in the OVA: Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover!.
  • In the OVA, Kakashi mentioned that he took his Chūnin Exams here. Later on in the manga, however, Kakashi and his team took the Chūnin Exams in the Forest of Death.
  • The statue resembles Jizō, a bodhisattva that is known as a protector of children.

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