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  • Idiot Crow
Anime Naruto Episode #55
Appears in Anime
Species Crow

The Aho Bird usually appears in the Naruto anime after Naruto and his comrades make an embarrassing blunder and would fly over-head in an awkward yet comical fashion shouting "idiot" or "dummy" (阿呆, aho) continuously, adding insult to injury.

Appearance Edit

The aho bird is small with a thin black feathered body. It has large, dark-coloured eyes and a dark grey beak. It has two tiny stubby legs and two small wings.

Trivia Edit

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The Springtime of Youth wiki has an article about this topic:
  • "Aho" (阿呆) is a Japanese pun; it is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a crow's call. It is often used in comedic situations in other anime.
  • This bird has also appeared in numerous episodes of the Naruto spin-off, Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden.
  • The Aho Bird appears in various other series serving the same function.
  • Two Aho birds appear in Episode 497.

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