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(相性…!!, Aishō…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #37 (#37)
Previous "Shikamaru's Battle!!"
Chapter Naruto #333
Next "The Black Transformation…!!"
Arc Akatsuki Suppression Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #83Naruto Shippūden #84
"Affinities…!!" (相性…!!, Aishō…!!) is chapter 333 of the original Naruto manga.

Summary Edit

Shikamaru catches Hidan with his shadow and forces him to attack an immobilised Kakuzu. Kakuzu is able to free himself at the last moment, but Shikamaru uses Hidan to drive him into a corner. In Konoha, Naruto nears completion of his new technique. While taking a break, Yamato tells him that all elemental affinities are naturally strong and weak to other elements. He points out that Naruto's Wind Release is weak against Sasuke's Fire Release, but Naruto reinterprets that as his Wind Release making Sasuke's Fire Release stronger. Meanwhile, Kakuzu uses an earth-based defence to protect himself. Kakashi uses his Lightning Cutter, which is naturally strong against earth, to pierce through the defence.

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