A Suspension Bridge to Peace

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Please note that this is the Narutopedia's article on manga chapter. If you are looking for the article on the volume then you should head to A Suspension Bridge to Peace. For other uses, see A Suspension Bridge to Peace.
A Suspension Bridge to Peace
(平和への架け橋, Heiwa e no Kakehashi)
Chapter Info
Volume A Suspension Bridge to Peace
Previous The Way a Shinobi Dies
Chapter 509
Next An Unexpected Kinjutsu!!
Arc Confining the Jinchūriki Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #252
Paper Person of God Technique
None in this Chapter
A Suspension Bridge to Peace (平和への架け橋, Heiwa e no Kakehashi) is chapter 509 of the Naruto manga.


Konan and Tobi face off in Amegakure standing on a lake. Tobi asks what it is about Naruto that made Konan and Nagato quit Akatsuki, and Konan replies that he is light personified and carries a flower called 'hope'. Tobi tells Konan that he was the one who got Yahiko to found Akatsuki, and the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan. Konan attacks Tobi in an attempt to kill them both. Konan recalls Yahiko, and Nagato calling each other the bridge to peace, and states that she will be the support to both their bridges. Konan then asks if Tobi understands why she betrayed him. He replies no, and she says it's because he's darkness, and a flower will wilt in darkness. She reveals her ultimate technique and splits the lake beneath them in two.

Facts about A Suspension Bridge to PeaceRDF feed
ArcConfining the Jinchūriki Arc +
Chapter number509 +
English nameA Suspension Bridge to Peace +
Kanji name平和への架け橋 +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesA Suspension Bridge to Peace +, 平和への架け橋 + and Heiwa e no Kakehashi +
Romaji nameHeiwa e no Kakehashi +
Volume number54 +

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