A Secret Plan…!!

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"A Secret Plan…!!"
(秘策…!!, Hisaku…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Worst Client (#2)
Previous "I'm a Ninja!!"
Chapter Naruto #14
Next "The Sharingan Revived!!"
Arc Prologue — Land of Waves
Anime Naruto #8
"A Secret Plan…!!" (秘策…!!, Hisaku…!!) is chapter 14 of the original Naruto manga.


Defying Kakashi's orders to run, Naruto attacks Zabuza's water clone despite knowing how dangerous Zabuza is. He creates a number of shadow clones to overwhelm Zabuza, but the water clone easily parries them all. As the clones fall back, Naruto throws a fūma shuriken to Sasuke. Seeing what Naruto is up to, Sasuke throws the shuriken at the real Zabuza, ignoring the water clone. Zabuza easily catches it, only to realise that there is a second shuriken hiding in the shadow of the first. He dodges it, but as it goes passed him the second shuriken turns into Naruto.

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