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A Rival Appears!!
Chapter 22
(強敵出現!!, Kyōteki shutsugen!!)
Chapter Info
Volume For the Sake of Dreams…!!
Previous Encounter in the Forest…!!
Chapter 22
Next Two Assaults…!!
Arc Land of Waves Arc
Anime Naruto #12
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
A Rival Appears!! (強敵出現!!, Kyōteki shutsugen!!) is chapter 22 of the Naruto manga.


Naruto returns to Tazuna's home after an intense day of training. Frustrated by all that Naruto is putting himself through, Inari yells at Naruto that he is too happy to free the Land of Waves from Gatō. Naruto tells him to grow up, and Inari storms out. Kakashi approaches Inari and tells him about Naruto's background; how he grew up without family or friends, but chose to not feel sorry for himself and solve problems his own way. The next day, the rest of Team 7 leaves Naruto behind so that he can rest and escort Tazuna to the bridge he is building. There they are met by Zabuza and Haku.

Facts about A Rival Appears!!RDF feed
ArcLand of Waves Arc +
Chapter number22 +
Kanji name強敵出現!! +
Names強敵出現!! + and Kyōteki shutsugen!! +
PictureChapter 22 +
Romaji nameKyōteki shutsugen!! +
Volume number3 +

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