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A Promise That Doesn't Need Words (言葉のいらない約束, Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku), performed by sana, is the thirty-third ending of Naruto: Shippūden. It ran from episode 406 to 417, which then was followed by Rainbow's Sky.



Hitori ja nai yo
Osoreru mono nante nai kara
Ikou sā me o ake te
Butsukatte ita

Hontō wa oitsuki taku te
Kizutsuke atte
Tsunagi tomeru kizuna hoshiku te

'Gomen' wasure nai de
Shinji te matte te
Mukae ni ikun da

Yūki no tomoshibi terashidase yowa sa o
Kizu datte itami datte wakeae ba heiki da

Kimi no senaka osu musun da yakusoku
Itsu datte hanare tatte

Shinjirareru kizuna wa mune ni nemutteru


行こう さあ 目を開けて

繋ぎ止める 絆ほしくて


勇気の灯火 照らし出せ弱さを
傷だって痛みだって 分け合えば平気だ

君の背中押す 結んだ約束

信じられる絆は 胸に眠ってる


You're not alone
There's nothing for you to fear,
So let's go - open up your eyes!
We were butting heads

When we really just wanted to catch up to one another
Hurting each other
Seeking bonds to tie us together

'I'm sorry' Please don't forget
Believe in me and wait for me
'Cause I'm coming to see you!

Take the flame of courage and light up your weakness!
If we share the scars...the pain..we'll be just fine

The promise you made that pushes you along
Creates a bond, sleeping in your heart

That you can always rely upon, even when we're apart


The characters in order of their appearances:

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