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"A Place to Return To"
3 tails
(帰るべき場所, Kaerubeki Basho)
Episode data
Previous "Shattered Promise"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #112 (Watch Online)
Next "The Serpent's Pupil"
Arc Three-Tails' Appearance
Manga Naruto Chapter #317, Naruto Chapter #318
Japanese June 4, 2009
English January 24, 2012
"A Place to Return To" (帰るべき場所, Kaerubeki Basho) is episode 112 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


As Sakura heals Ino's wounds, Shizune and Hinata tend to Yūkimaru, whose Chakra Pathway System has been severely disrupted, causing him to lose the power over the Three-Tails permanently. Katsuyu, using her Slug Great Division to have one body in Tsunade's office and the other at the Orochimaru Search Team's hideout, relays Tsunade's orders that they are to return to Konoha the following morning as she sends an Anbu team to relieve them. As Yūkimaru sleeps that night, he has a vision of Guren being rescued by Gozu; during his time as one of Orochimaru's failed experiments, the sannin had left him to die until Guren had given him a ladle of water, hence explaining his loyalty and gratefulness towards her. In the middle of the night, Yūkimaru gets up and leaves the hideout in order to be with them. Naruto wakes up to see Yūkimaru gone and chases after him, while Yamato and Kakashi decide not to follow him. Naruto spots Guren's crystallised camellia and realises that there are no cracks in it, meaning that Guren is alive. Knowing that Yūkimaru is with her, Naruto uncharacteristically voices his opinion towards the team that they have no need to find Yūkimaru as he is fine; Shino and Kakashi add that Yūkimaru's importance to Konoha has been dissolved after he lost his ability to control the Three-Tails and that it is not their job to go after runaways.

Kabuto returns back home, where he tells Orochimaru that Guren has been killed and that Yūkimaru has lost his powers, apologising for not securing the Three-Tails. As Orochimaru begins to cough relentlessly, Kabuto rushes off to retrieve his medicine while musing that Orochimaru's current host has reached its limits; Orochimaru smiles as he relishes the thought of finally being able to take over Sasuke's body. Meanwhile, Deidara overhears the Anbu mentioning that the mist caused by the Three-Tails can induce hallucinations. Thanking them for the tip, he proceeds to kill them all with his Explosive Clay. He then flies over the lake on his clay bird while dropping his detonating clay spiders into the lake to disrupt and summon the tailed beast. As the Three-Tails emerges, Deidara tasks Tobi with the duty of acquiring it, which Tobi is unable to do. As Tobi is taken underwater by Deidara, Deidara uses his C1 to flip the turtle on its back and knock it out. Having defeated the turtle, Deidara uses two clay birds and ropes to tow the tailed beast back to the Akatsuki's hideout.


Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji English Japanese Rōmaji
Naruto Uzumaki うずまきナルト Uzumaki Naruto Junko Takeuchi 竹内順子 Takeuchi Junko
Sakura Haruno 春野サクラ Haruno Sakura Chie Nakamura 中村千絵 Nakamura Chie
Kakashi Hatake はたけカカシ Hatake Kakashi Kazuhiko Inoue 井上和彦 Inoue Kazuhiko
Yamato ヤマト Yamato Rikiya Koyama 小山力也 Koyama Rikiya
Sai サイ Sai Satoshi Hino 日野聡 Hino Satoshi
Fifth Hokage: Tsunade 五代目火影・綱手 Godaime Hokage: Tsunade Masako Katsuki 勝生真沙子 Katsuki Masako
Shizune シズネ Shizune Keiko Nemoto 根本圭子 Nemoto Keiko
Kiba Inuzuka 犬塚キバ Inuzuka Kiba Kōsuke Toriumi 鳥海浩輔 Toriumi Kōsuke
Hinata Hyūga 日向ヒナタ Hyūga Hinata Nana Mizuki 水樹奈々 Mizuki Nana
Shino Aburame 油女シノ Aburame Shino Shinji Kawada 川田紳司 Kawada Shinji
Rock Lee ロック・リー Rokku Rī Yōichi Masukawa 増川洋一 Masakawa Yōichi
Tenten テンテン Tenten Yukari Tamura 田村ゆかり Tamura Yukari
Ino Yamanaka 山中いの Yamanaka Ino Ryōka Yuzuki 柚木涼香 Yuzuki Ryōka
Orochimaru 大蛇丸 Orochimaru Kujira くじら Kujira
Kabuto Yakushi 薬師カブト Yakushi Kabuto Nobutoshi Canna 神奈延年 Kanna Nobutoshi
Guren 紅蓮 Guren Eri Miyajima 宮島依里 Miyajima Eri
Yūkimaru 幽鬼丸 Yūkimaru Mika Kanai かないみか Kanai Mika
Gozu 牛頭 Gozu Atsushi Ono 斧アツシ Ono Atsushi
Katsuyu カツユ Katsuyu Mamiko Noto 能登麻美子 Noto Mamiko
Konoha Anbu 木ノ葉の暗部 Konoha no Anbu Ryōta Takeuchi 竹内良太 Takeuchi Ryōta
Takafumi Kawakami 川上貴史 Kawakami Takafumi
Deidara デイダラ Deidara Katsuhiko Kawamoto 川本克彦 Kawamoto Katsuhiko
Tobi トビ Tobi Wataru Takagi 高木渉 Takagi Wataru

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