A Past to Be Erased

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"A Past to Be Erased"
File:Offsetting Sound.JPG
(消し去りたい過去, Keshi Saritai Kako)
Episode data
Previous "Bringing Back Reality"
Episode Naruto #215
Next "The Targeted Shukaku"
Arc Menma Arc
Japanese December 21, 2006
English November 15, 2009
None in this Episode
Offsetting SoundParalysing Flute Genjutsu
None in this Episode
"A Past to Be Erased" (消し去りたい過去, Keshi Saritai Kako) is episode 215 of the original Naruto anime.

A Past to Be Erased (消し去りたい過去, Keshi Saritai Kako) is episode 215 of the original Naruto anime.


When Menma is injured by one of the bandits, it is revealed that he was once one of them, and that he was at the town during the attack. Despite this, Menma is willing to risk himself to help fight off the bandits, and tells Naruto of the leader's master plan to flood the town with a dam. After revealing that he never lost his memory, Menma sacrifices his life to cause a rockslide to save the town. Naruto defeats the bandit leader and mourns Menma's loss.

Facts about "A Past to Be Erased"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcMenma Arc +
English airdate15 November 2009 +
English nameA Past to Be Erased +
Episode number215 +
Japanese airdate21 December 2006 +
Kanji name消し去りたい過去 +
NameA Past to Be Erased +
NamesA Past to Be Erased +, 消し去りたい過去 + and Keshi Saritai Kako +
PictureFile:Offsetting Sound.JPG +
Romaji nameKeshi Saritai Kako +

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