Encounter in the Forest…!!

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"Encounter in the Forest…!!"
(森の中の出会い…!!, Mori no Naka no Deai…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume For the Sake of Dreams…!! (#3)
Previous "The Country that Had a Hero…!!"
Chapter 21
Next "A Rival Appears!!"
Arc Prologue — Land of Waves
Anime Naruto #12
None in this Chapter
"Encounter in the Forest…!!" (森の中の出会い…!!, Mori no Naka no Deai…!!) is chapter 21 of the original Naruto manga.


Naruto, while resting from all the training he has done, is awoken by Haku. Unaware that he is the masked boy he met during the fight with Zabuza, Naruto explains that he was training to get stronger. Haku remarks that people become truly strong when they're protecting someone precious to them, something that Naruto can agree with. They part ways and Naruto continues his training, finally managing to climb to the top of the tree.

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