edit"A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools"
A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools
(地下水 無尽蔵の忍具, Chikasui Mujinzou no Ningu)
Episode data
Previous "The Mystery of the Targeted Merchants"
Episode Naruto #189
Next "The Byakugan Sees the Blind Spot!"
Arc Peddlers Escort Mission
Opening "Re:member"
Ending "Yellow Moon"
Japanese June 14, 2006
English August 16, 2008
"A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools" (地下水 無尽蔵の忍具, Chikasui Mujinzou no Ningu) is episode 189 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto and Yurinojō do battle with Ruiga, and with Chōji's help, are able to defeat him by destroying his "dowsing" tonfas, which allows him to search for places where there are great amounts of water, and leading him to a dry area to put him at a disadvantage. Ruiga survives the battle, but the second brother, Jiga, kills him for a greater share of the country's wealth. Meanwhile, after Haruna's reasons for distrust were revealed to be the result of her father allowing her to be kept hostage as a child, Haruna manages to render Hinata unconscious to escape alone. Naruto pursues the princess, but encounters Jiga, who can manipulate magnetism.