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"A Conversation Between Men!!"
Chapter 351
(男との対話!!, Otoko to no Taiwa, Viz: The Man-to-Man Talk!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The People Starting to Move (#39)
Previous "Shocking News…!!"
Chapter Naruto #351
Next "The Goal is…!!"
Arc Itachi Pursuit Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #117Naruto Shippūden #118
"A Conversation Between Men!!" (男との対話!!, Otoko to no Taiwa, Viz: The Man-to-Man Talk!!) is chapter 351 of the original Naruto manga.


Sasuke activates his cursed seal to shield himself from Jūgo's attack. Jūgo is elated to find someone with such good control of a cursed seal, but Suigetsu engages Jūgo in battle instead. They start fighting, but Sasuke stops them with his killing intent. Jūgo's murderous desires recede and he retreats back into his cell, asking them to leave since he doesn't want to kill anyone.

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