Chūnin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru!

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A Chūnin Exam of Flames! Naruto vs. Konohamaru

Naruto vs Konohamaru The Burning Chunin exams

炎の中忍試験!ナルトVS木ノ葉丸!!Honō no Chūnin Shiken! Naruto Bāsasu Konohamaru!!

Episode info
  • Original Airdate: July 30, 2011
  • English Airdate:

A Chūnin Exam of Flames! Naruto vs. Konohamaru!! (炎の中忍試験!ナルトVS木ノ葉丸!!, Honō no Chūnin Shiken! Naruto Bāsasu Konohamaru!!) is the ninth Naruto OVA. This OVA aired in movie theatres along with the movie Naruto 5: Blood Prison.


Konohamaru and Naruto both participate in the Chūnin Exams in Sunagakure. Konohamaru and his team begin in the area set for the second half of the Exam where they are attacked by a monster. Naruto saves them from it and they all make it to the preliminary matches where Naruto is matched up with Konohamaru. Konohamaru starts off by throwing a smoke bomb and then uses Big Ball Rasengan, a technique that Naruto hadn't taught him before. Naruto is able to narrowly avoid it. Then, both of them use the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique and attack each other, Naruto with Rasengan and Konohamaru with kunai. Naruto's clones easily defeat Konohamaru's, with Konohamaru getting himself continuously beaten and bruised in an relentless attempt to land a hit Naruto. Then suddenly, Konohamaru uses the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique which forces Naruto to jump up and exposed to his opponent's Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning as the younger ninja manages to land a hit. Though Konohamaru he cheers happily that he was able to land a blow, Naruto gets up as he entered Sage Mode. However, learning that the use of senjutsu is forbidden in the Chūnin Exam, Naruto is disqualified while Konohamaru wins by default. In the end, it is shown that Konohamaru has become a chūnin, declaring Naruto as his subordinate and driving Naruto insane.

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