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Because You are With Me (そばにいるから, Soba ni iru kara), performed by "AMADORI", is the eleventh ending song in the Japanese version of Part I of the Naruto series from episodes 154 to 165, and was replaced by Parade.



Dokomademo tsuzuku michi ni wa
Ironna koto arunda ne?
Tsuyogari na kimi ga kyou wa
Jiwaki goshi ni namida goe
Donna yume oikakete kokomade kitan darou
Wakaranaku nattari suru koto wa boku ni
Datte aru kara ne Baby

Kimi ga namida no toki ni wa
Boku ga soba ni iru kara
Hanareba nare no yoru datte
Boku ga soba ni iru kara

Boku wa soba ni iru kara


There are many bumps on this never-ending road.
You've always been strong, but today you cried.
What dream are you chasing that led to this?
I also lose my way at times.
So when you cry, I will be by your side.
Even on nights we are apart, I am at your side.
I am at your side...


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