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オオワシ Ōwashi
Anime Naruto Episode #166
Appears in Anime
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Ōwashi (オオワシ, Ōwashi) was the daimyō of the Land of Birds.

Background Edit

He was killed by his chief adviser, Mōsō. His daughter, Toki, would later succeed him disguised as her brother. It was believed that he came back as the Cursed Warrior.

Personality Edit

He was very trusting which turned out to be his downfall. He loved the Land of Birds and all in it. He would sometimes even travel where the daimyō were not allowed to be just to watch over his citizens.

Appearance Edit

Ōwashi had short spiky brown hair that ran down as sideburns into a beard. He also had a moustache. He had black eyes and wore a small green hat on his head.

Trivia Edit