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* [[User::{{#explode:!|~}}]] {{#ifeq:{{#explode:!|~|1}}|||({{ucfirst:{{#explode:!|~|1}}}} only)}}| }}
* [[User::{{#explode:!|~}}]] {{#ifeq:{{#explode:!|~|1}}|||({{ucfirst:{{#explode:!|~|1}}}} {{#ifeq:{{#switch:{{lc:{{#explode:!|~|1}}}}|anime|manga|game=media|affinity}}|media|Only||}})}}| }}

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Infobox is under construction, please do not use.


  • Clan
  • Kekkei genkai
  • Debuts
  • Non-cannon jutsu users (game)
The users parameter accepts a comma separated list of character names:
  • Using - will consider a jutsu to be a "General skill"
  • For jutsus one user only uses in a game, then after their name use ~game~ with the game names following that separated by ~'s (eg: Shino Aburame~game~Naruto: Narutimate Portable~Naruto: Ninja Council 2, ...)

Development notes

The parent jutsu parameter does more than just state what jutsu this jutsu came from. When Semantic MediaWiki is installed this should be able to automatically generate a "Derived jutsu" section on the parent jutsu page listing the jutsu which were created using it.

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